Fascia Boards & Furring Strips

If your fascia boards and guttering are looking a bit tired and could use some TLC, we offer a variety of ways to tidy them up.

If the wood is not structurally sound (i.e rotten) then e would then take down the original boards and soffits and replace them. The soffits could also be vented to allow air flow into the loft space to help fight against dry rot etc. This is all topped off with new gutter to give you a nice clean look to your roofline.

Of course on top of all that you have peace of mind that the new fascias, soffits and guttering are not going to rot or decay and are virtually maintenance free! Call Gutter Guru today for your fascia board free estimate or gutter replacement!


Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are a functional home design detail that can be seen on a lot of modern buildings nowadays.

Fascia boards

Fascia boards, also known as soffit boards, are siding panels placed between your gutter and the exterior wall of your property. An exterior fascia board, usually made of wood or metal, covers the openings between the rafters of the fascia and, with the soffit, encloses the attic space of the home. Fascias are generally used not only to hold up, but also to stabilize gutters. Nowadays, fascia boards are playing a key role, that’s why they can be found on many of today’s modern homes. You might think they are not important, but getting your fascia board installed will actually make the difference. Get in contact with us today and get your fascia gutter now!

Fascia board materials

Generally, fascia boards are made of wood, aluminum or vinyl.


  • Wood fascia is the most commonly used material. The cost to install wood fascia is really cheap.  Besides, aesthetically speaking, wood offers an elegant look. Nevertheless, it may require a lot of maintenance.


  • Aluminum fascias are long-lasting. Metal fascia boards require little maintenance as they are weather-proofed. Also, you can find a great variety of metal fascia sizes. Although aluminum fascia prices may vary, we consider it the most expensive material.


  • Vinyl fascia is one of the most flexible materials to work with. You can choose the color you like to match your home, it’s easy to install and in case the fascia gets broken, repairing it is cheaper than aluminum and wood fascias. However, the biggest disadvantage of vinyl is that it is the most susceptible to strong weather conditions.

Fascia and Gutter Replacement

So, we highly recommend changing your home’s fascia when this is damaged, rotted or missing. We can repair your fascia with an aluminum fascia wrap or just replace it. 


It might be hard to know if the fascia is rotted when the gutter hasn’t been replaced in the first place. Nevertheless, we can be 100% sure that the fascia is rotted when the water has been running between the fascia and gutter for some time. A fascia which is rotted cannot withstand a gutter system created to resist heavy snow accumulations.


Is my house suitable to get a fascia board installed?


Even though fascia is chosen for many homes today, older Colonial or Victorian homes with ornate rafter tails will not have fascia boards. The main reason is that these traditional homes were originally created without fascia because it was believed that the big roof overhangs were large enough to get water far enough away from the home’s foundations. Although this was the belief, we can guarantee this is not always the case as water can still find a way back into your house’s foundation. 


In those cases where installing fascias is not possible, we are trained to install a gutter without the fascia using roof straps. These are attached to a hidden hanger inside the gutter,secured right on the roof. In case your house has an old roof, we do not recommend lifting up shingles to insert the strap as it can damage or break them.So, to solve this, we secure the roof straps on top of the shingles. Although this process is safe and strong, installing a fascia is much stronger. Besides, roof hangers are also not as aesthetically charming. 


Building out an overhang is another option for homes that do not have fascia and for those where installation is not possible. So, we install fascia on this extended overhang to install the gutters on, then.



Soffit is a layer of wood, aluminum or vinyl that goes from the bottom of the fascia to the top piece of a wall board. They do not only protect the rafters from weather or moisture, but also allow air to flow through soffits and vents. Airflow is key in enclosed attic spaces to keep the same temperatures. If you require your home’s soffit to be replaced or you do not have soffit, we are ready to help you. Currently, we are offering and installing perforated vinyl soffit. We provide the best soffit repair and soffit replacement. Get in contact with us to learn more!

Benefits of getting a Fascia in excellent conditions:
  • It provides a layer of strength to help stabilize the gutter,

  • It requires little maintenance as the product will not crack or wrap.

  • Fascia boards are safe, keeping your gutters secure in extreme weather conditions.

  • It offers a  place for the soffit to be attached and close off the attic space.

  • Easy to install, hassle-free installation with no mess at all.

  • Soffit allows ventilation, which prevents winter ice, water from entering the home, and maintains the home fresh in the summer months.

  • Open rafters with no fascia are screwed into one of the extremes of an available wood. This is not as stable as screwing it into the perpendicular wood of the fascia board.

  • Open rafters without fascia often give insects and animals a chance to find their way into your property.


We are experts on soffit and fascia replacement. Soffit and fascia prices may vary depending on the material you choose, but our main goal is to make the installation of soffit and fascia a piece of cake. Bear in mind that our fascia and gutter installers are highly-trained and experienced enough to deliver a great job.  To learn more and get a free quote, don’t hesitate to call us now!