Roof Repair West Palm Beach

We are eager to provide you with accurate estimates, high-quality service, reliable installations and superiority in workmanship. We have been in the Florida market for 25 years. We have created  lifetime memories with our local communities. Get in contact with us to clear out all your doubts, we will be glad to help you!


Among the services we provide you can find: roof repairs, roof replacement and new construction roof installation. We install, repair and replace aluminum , flat (TPO, PVC), metal, shingle and tile roofs.

We are recognised for our job on single family homes, multi family properties, custom homes, multi use properties, commercial properties and production home builders, including those who may require us to be extremely careful like schools, memory care units, TV stations, medical facilities, A-Frames and hospitals. It is worth mentioning that we only repair and replace shingle and metal panels on mobile homes only when the structure is safe enough for us to complete work.

Roof Repair 

Types of Roof Repair Gutter Guru Offers

Even though we repair and install all types of roofs, the type of roof repair you need will depend on two main factors: the extent of your roof damage and how long the damage has been unrepaired. For example, a heavy storm may blow shingles from your roof. Gutter Guru offers standard and emergency roof repairs to replace those shingles and ensure a leak-proof, watertight barrier really quickly. Sometimes, the frame of the roof may be damaged from rot. Gutter Guru’s team is experienced enough to repair or replace damaged framework and deliver a stronger, longer-lasting roof.


Besides, we offer more common roof repairs like gutter maintenance, fascia replacement, flashing repair, and more. Our technicians will arrive at your residence or commercial office to provide you with a free assessment so you can make the right choice based on your timeframe and budget.

Common Signs Of Roof Damage

Damages can be internal or hidden and only a trained professional can assess it. At Gutter Guru, our roofing team is highly-trained to recognize the most important signs of serious roof damage, including:


  • Chipped or Faded Exterior Paint Near The Roofline

  • Cracks or Voids Around Openings

  • Staining on Interior Walls

  • Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

  • Visible Light or Leaks In The Attic or Top Floor

  • Sagging Roof Decking

Roof Repair: How long does it take?

Actually, the length of repair time as well as the price for your residential or commercial roof will mainly depend on the current damage. For instance, our qualified roof repair team can patch holes and replace shingles in about an hour, approximately. Nevertheless, if the damage is deeper and it requires certain parts of the roof to be removed and replaced, our specialists could take several days to complete the task. Gutter Guru works with a professional combination of efficiency and urgency to make sure all repairs are done in a short time and accurately.


Roof Repairs vs. Roof Replacement

It is possible that, sometimes, roof repairs are not enough. When the damage to your roof becomes too deep and extensive, your residence or commercial office may need a complete roof replacement. Roof replacement gets rid of your existing roof down to the decking and installs a new roof on top of your home or business. Moreover, roof replacement can expose structural damage, like rot or sagging, that standard repairs might not have taken into account. Whereas roof repairs tend to be the most affordable option, roof replacement gives you a  stronger, more durable protection for your property. Get in contact with Gutter Guru today and we can help you to choose the right option according to your budget and needs.